Our Accreditations


To demonstrate our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. We aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. We are responsible organization to create a safer and healthier work environment for all our employees and business partners .

In recognition of our quality and reliable service standards, we have awarded the following certifications:

• ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard

Conveys our emphasis on quality and willingness to enhance our efficiency and productivity.
It also assures you of our ability to meet your order specifications and to deliver your order on time.

• BizSAFE Level 3 Certificate

Spells out our commitment to improving our workplace safety and health standards. By reducing injuries and illnesses, our productivity will be enhanced, which will in turn enable your operation.

• Member of Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) since 1996

Singapore Logistics Association represents Singapore logistics with a mission to promote
professionalism and excellence of the logistics industry

• Member of CDAS

Being Member of Container Depot Association of Singapore ensure us that we are updated with technology and automation in logistics industry.

• Halal Certified Warehouse

Our Accreditation

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